Christian Magdu shares stories and anecdotes from the shoot of EASY TO ASSEMBLE Season 3, with show creator Illeana Douglas, at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation Q&A in Los Angeles, 2011


AUDITIONING – techniques, tips and tricks that will help you no matter if you’re reading for a small student project in some school basement or in front of a room of Hollywood Studio Executives. Learn to ”own the room”, free yourself from the pressure to ”perform” and have fun instead.

THE BIG C: CASTING – how is casting for TV, FILM, COMMERCIAL and THEATER different? How does international casting work? What is ”TYPE” and ”BRAND” – myths, or useful tools? Christian also shares his valuable insights from having cast Swedish feature film Prinsessa (Starring Maja) 2007-2008, seeing close to 2 000 actors.

3 THINGS AN ACTOR SHOULD ALWAYS BE DOING – the essential concept of ”A-C-M” – Act, Create, Make Money.

CREATIVITY – artistic inspiration is the most magical and fulfilling thing – but what happens when it’s ”not there”? When you feel ”empty”, tired or perhaps blocked? Some practical tools and advice on how to keep the fire burning, fill up your ”creative tank” and find the joy in creating (once more)!

PR, PUBLICITY + SOCIAL MEDIA – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – why these social media outlets are becoming increasingly important to use to further your career. How can you do it well and have fun at the same time? What is actual PR for an actor and what is the difference between ”PR” and ”marketing”. Christian shares insights and tips given by top PR-firms in Hollywood, representing some of the world’s biggest stars.

STAYING POSITIVE + MENTALLY PREPARED – how to keep balanced, focused and mentally sane in a challenging business where most people hear ”no” a lot more often than ”yes”? How to stay motivated and not give in to ”the dark side”.

LIFE’S PIE CHART: SURVIVOR vs CREATIVE GENIUS – practical advice on how you can plan and balance your ”life-stuff” with your artistry and creativity. How to maximize investments in time and money as a performer. Why some of the best things are free (or, at least, very affordable), if you just know how to use them best and know what to say ”no” to.

MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS – rid yourself of some of the most common myths, factoids and misunderstandings around being an actor and a professional in the entertainment business.